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August 21, 2004
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Mindsquish by justanotherfool Mindsquish by justanotherfool
I feel like my brain has liquified and is currently running out of my ears after working on this thing... my eyes are going insane from having the zoom level almost maxed out to be able to edit this thing... My god.

I am actually really really really really really happy with how this bad boy came out. My precisssoussss.... ALL MINE!!!

Thank god for my inhuman patience and spare time. Please please please comment on this piece as it means alot to me.


you ->NEEEEEEED<- to view it full view... There is no point to seeing it unless you have full view... Trust me on this and click the frickin image.

Gaze into it and loose your sense of balance =P


You won't notice the difference between the new version and the old veresion.

I did though. I have been staring at the bloody mistake since I first posted it... I've even had a fixed version of it ready on my drive for at least 4 years now as well...
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Daily Deviation

Given 2004-08-23
Although Mindsquish by *justanotherfool will (as the title suggests) do funny things to your brain if you look at it too long, it's intricacy and the amount of effort put into will more than make up for it in the event of any lasting damage. ( Suggested by seinin and Featured by blackice )
Angry-Pants Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2007
Great Use Of Dimension And Lots Of Spirals Good Work.
Kuwaizair Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
hey wow it reminds me of somthing i wrote about/ is trying to write about.
justanotherfool Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
First of all, thank you for the fav...

Second of all: o.O
Write about? What do you mean? I'm kinda curious about this, heh...
Kuwaizair Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
naw just the shapes, the shapes in shapes with others. its hard to explane, kind of like some symbolism.
justanotherfool Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
I actually think I know what you mean. =]
darkoem Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2004
Ouch! This is a really evil creation :) My eyes what have you done?
It is wonderful btw. It very well shows that you can really do good looking pixel art with only 2 colours and no need for all this lolly pop palette colours. Amazing effect this hypno blurring "I see things but I know they aren't there". It must have killed you slowly doing this(not only the time it took but also the never ending cruel attacks on yer visual nerves)!
justanotherfool Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2004
There was a reason it was called "mindsquish" it took it's toll on my eyes 'cause I had to work on it at a highly magnified level which was actually worse at times. Thanks for the great comment, and if you liked mindsquish, check out my featured deviation "Mindkiller" which uses mindsquish as it's cornerstone. It's quite neat. =P

And one reason for doing this in 2 colors is that I suck at coloring stuff =P (but I intentionally used black and white for the effect.)
keepingdiscoevil Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2004
My god... it's like someone's just poked their finger into my brain and wriggled it around!
This is awesome! :drool:

thou-shalt-not Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2004
KICKASS, yo! If I wasn't crazy before, I sure as hell am now...
synesthesiac Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2004
Congratulations on the Daily Deviation, dude. :D Definitely kickass.
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